Workplace Wellness​

How It Works & What To Expect

  • Schedule a consultation to discuss your company goals
  • Enjoy tailored programs to match your company culture & needs
  • Designed to be accessible to everyone
  • A friendly supportive environment to explore body and breath awareness
  • Adjusted to fit your busy schedule
  • Programs range from “The Works” to “Just Show Up” (see below)

Teams that move and breathe together, work more collaboratively and are able to think more clearly to make better decisions.

Not completely convinced? Click here to learn about proven yoga health benefits such as reduced stress, increased cognitive function and improved sleep quality.

"The Works"

A flowing class to suit your needs, which may include an energizing sequence to motivate as you sync breath and movement. Or gentle restorative postures to help your body and mind recharge. The Works also includes meditation and mindfulness breathing techniques to help you find calm amidst the chaos.

Office Chair yoga

"Just Show Up"

Exactly as it sounds, all you need to do is be present - no mats or change of clothes required! Offerings adjust to your needs, varying from guided meditation to intentional breathwork to chair-yoga or desk-side stretching. No need to complicate matters, work can be complicated enough – just show up and reap the benefits.

Workplace Wellness programs are adapted to efficiently and effectively squeeze movement & mindfulness into your day!

Are you ready for your office to be less stressed and more productive?